Studio Hire


Sydney Studio Kitchen is a 61sqm multi-purpose studio floor with ceiling height of 4.2m and height to grid of 3.65m. The feature of the studio is a designer camera-ready kitchen set with an 18sqm sound-controlled preparation kitchen.

There is also a purpose built cyclorama that is perfect for stills photography, fashion shoots and product shots. Measuring 6m wide, 3.2m high and with a floorspace of 1.9m, the cyc transforms the room yet again, to suit your needs and make the space more versatile.


At Sydney Studio Kitchen, a lighting package is included in daily studio hire. It contains an extensive wall to wall lighting grid rigged full of DMX programmed key, fill, backfill, set dressing and spots.

The equipment provided will deliver everything you need to shoot within the gourmet kitchen, the giant white concave wall and even chroma key for the green screen.

By pressing a button on the 200+ Series console you have the infinite choice of colour wash and saturated hues possible from the Selecon PLTR1 RGB to the powerful and white-perfect luminaire PLTRIW, the indispensible precision of the SPX Ellipsoidal and the latest lamp and reflector technology of the Arri Studio Cools.


Managing noise transmission and reverberation is one of the most challenging tasks on any shoot, especially when a production is in a residential location or photographic studio, where the environment can be uncontrollable.

To eliminate unnecessary disruptions and transform the studio and preparation kitchen into acoustically controlled environments, Sydney Studio Kitchen has invested in quality construction and superior insulation and absorption products for all walls and door assemblies as well as high-tech solutions for floor surfaces and ceilings.


We understand you may need to be online whilst in production, that’s why Sydney Studio Kitchen provides complimentary Wi-Fi for the duration of your booking.


We are in Artarmon and access is just 10 minutes from Sydney CBD using Gore Hill Freeway or Pacific Highway. Parking is easy. We have some off road parking available (space for 2 large cars or 3 small cars) as well as plenty of roadside parking. If you have any specific vehicle or parking requirements please advise the Studio Manager in advance.


The main studio floor has a separate access & loading dock to help make your load-in hassle free.